Monday 20th October 2014,
Music Publishing


SoundHype publishes and brokers music. We give fans, music experts, and executives the tools to detect commercial music early on. The company signs music artists and producers to discovery deals, then publishes, delivers, and licenses their intellectual property to fans, labels, corporations, and brands. Organically distribution occurs through point of sale including; albums, singles, EPs, ringtones, sound kits, and various forms of licensing and streaming royalties.

We are a conduit in the music industry, bridging the gap with competitive value in efficient customized distribution, matching consumers with one another, sonic selection software, measurement analysis and calculations, and interest based connecting algorithms. We also gain advantages by offering flexible price points and multiple data access points for consumers.

The company tightly defines demographics, psycho-graphics, and geo-targeted marketing bases and viral feedback response loops. Our advanced network of contributors is offered incentives, rewards, and motivation to share our products with ticket giveaways, discounts, free gifts, meet and greets, and commission payments. The music industry is a $160 billion marketplace worldwide and digital sales are on the rise. The globalization of popular music makes it possible for Sound Hype to save record labels from spending too much money on artist development.

The Sound Hype Difference

When you deliver, Sound Hype pays you direct. We pride ourselves on the creative talent from our clients. Having a less hierarchical approach to the industry, we will provide you with inspirational resources so you can fully extract your creativity.

At Sound Hype, we care for our artists. We are a family. If you have been fortunate enough to be part of the Sound Hype team, you can rest assured your hard work is adamantly being shopped or promoted. We believe in your craft. We work hard for what we believe in.

We solicit and negotiate live shows and gigs for musicians with our empowered industry connections to music venues, promoters, and talent buyers. Sound Hype assures you the desired exposure in this domain of the industry. We “set the stage” for you to work as hard as you want to. Our shared resources will allow you to gig till you obtain a large enough fan base to warrant bigger shows.

Whether you are a beginner in the music biz or a professional veteran, if you have talent, we want to work with you! The music industry is brutal, short and discriminatory especially with up-and-coming talent. Our mission is to take that panic out of the industry. Also to provide the music world with well needed fresh retrospect.

We have a dynamic company with a staff that operates with your goals in mind– With a linear approach, you can count on a large staff of marketers, promoters, and industry professionals that are constantly hard at working getting you the exposure you deserve.

We have the most innovative tactics to display your music through relevant digital outlets– Since radio stations play spot buys on repeat, the general public now seeks music through digital and customizable distributors (i.e. XM satellite radio, iTunes, Pandora etc.). Our focus is to use a combination of today’s most popular digital music distributors along with classic methods that are still effective. This ensures no gray area in the exposure process of our projects.

We focus our attention at getting you relevant exposure. Because of music availability through various digital outlets, our attention is geared at modern, high-traffic media outlets. This is another area where we do NOT cap or limit your earning potential.

We encourage and show you how to make money with a team-based approach to music. Sound Hype’s main goal is to make you into a musical power-machine. Using secular review and critique, we allow your creativity to develop freely and without earning limits. YOU are in Control of your commercial viability.

We help you understand distribution deals and assist you through the process and reporting. Sound Hype takes pride in using your craft in a positive retrospect. We assist you in achieving your dreams by providing firm exposure and limitless distribution of musical compositions. Using our resources and industry professionalism, in unison with your craft and talent, the only limit is imagination!