World Be Free Campaign Uniting People Through Music To End Global Poverty

Inspired by bravery of those that walk to end Alzheimer’s and the strength of those that run to

Are You Ready for Music Publishing?

Critical Question #1: Is Your Career Even Ready for a Music Publisher? First of all, do you need

Enter the Danger Zone

We here at Sound Hype are all about trying new things out to the end, but with music,

Kajmir Royale

With over 100,000,000 plays and 20 plus million page views Kajmir Royale is an Hip Hop producer  known

The Sound Hype Difference

If you deliver, Sound Hype pays you direct, no middle men or extensive royalty process- By implementing a

How To Get Your Music Accepted by Artists and Repertoire

Understanding why your music isn’t being accepted by Artists and A&R’s will help you overcome the frustrations many

Tips for Music Producers

Tips for Music Producers Beats must have unstoppable forward momentum!! The art lies within choosing the right rhythm.

Music Sample Clearance

Everything You Need To Know About Clearing Samples We routinely dig through our old emails here at Sound

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sound

Most of us have become so used to suppressing noise that we don’t think much about what we’re hearing,

Make Money As a Musician

How To Make Money As a Music Producer or Artist Sound Hype has a passion for helping producers

Understanding Beat Licensing

Beat Licensing Understanding the Business of Beat Licensing Over the last several years, online beat licensing has become

Purple Audio

Young, skilled, and motivated music producer Purple Audio has recently joined the Sound Hype catalog of amazing talent. 

How to Find a Manager

What makes a good manager? An artist or producer manager is the most important part of any band’s

West Nation Clan Releases Versatile ‘Hits On Heat’ Hip-Hop Mixtape

West Nation Clan officially presents their first ever group project “Hits On Heat” hosted by Alumni’s very own

James Wade – Garcia Vega

Wade returns with the latest single from his EP “WHEREUBEEN” hosted on “Garcia Vega” combines stellar production